Earth Environmental & Geotechnical Offer a Full Range of Environmental & Geotechnical Services

  • Contaminated Land Assessment

    Contaminated Land Assessment

    Land contamination can affect sites that are dormant, being sold or redeveloped as a result of the legacy of current or historic site/neighbouring site uses.

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  • Remediation Design

    Remediation Design

    We are routinely requested by site owners, contractors and developers to develop Remedial Option Appraisals and Remediation Method Statements, supervise remedial works and provide independant validation of enabling works packages.

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  • Phase 1 Desk Studies

    Phase 1 Desk Studies

    Desk based studies should always precede any ground investigation and ideally should be accompanied by a walk over survey conducted by an experienced practitioner.

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  • Monitoring Services

    Monitoring Services

    Monitoring of environmental criteria is often required to assess the potential impact of contaminated soils or groundwater, ground gases, volatile organic compounds, leachate on a proposed development.

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  • Mining and Minerals

    Mining and Minerals

    Our staff have a geological background and have previously worked in the mining and minerals sector either as consultants, for international mining houses or for surface coal extraction contractors.

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  • Landfill Services

    Landfill Services

    Our staff has extensive experience in the landfill sector having worked within landfill companies and as consultants for operators. This experience has involved us in many facets of the development of sites from planning application stage, through to design and Construction Quality Assurance.

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  • Geotechnical Assessment

    Geotechnical Assessment

    Our staff have extensive experience in the assessment of ground conditions for design of new structures (buildings, retaining wall), highway/pavement design, ground improvement or for slope stability assessments.

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  • Site Investigation Services

    Site Investigation Services

    Subsurface site investigations are routinely conducted as part of the assessment of the GeoEnvironmental status of a site including any landfill/ground gas issues, soil/groundwater contamination, assessment of mineworkings, hydrogeology, slope stability assessment or to examine geotechnical conditions for a new structure or landform.

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  • Ground Gas

    Ground Gas

    The assessment of Ground Gas concentrations and flow rates is often an important consideration for new or existing developments near to or on former/active landfill sites, areas of made ground, organic clays, peat deposits or certain geological terrains.

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