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Coal Mining Risk Assessment:

FIXED PRICE £ 395 + vat

The new terminology includes Coal Mining Development High Risk Areas — The Coal Authority in July 2011 formalised their requirements in relation to planning applications (except householder developments) in England, Scotland and Wales and introduced new terminology relating to Coal Mining Development Areas.

Coal mining development high risk areas

Phase 1 Desk Study:

Phase 1 GeoEnvironmental Desk study
With a site Walkover Survey — £800 +VAT

Phase 1 GeoEnvironmental Desk study
Without a site Walkover Survey  — £550 +VAT

Phase 1 Site Audit and Desk Study

A phase 1 desk study should always precede any ground investigation. Ideally it should also be accompanied by a walk over survey conducted by an experienced practitioner.

Geoenvironmental desk study liverpool shopping park

Development of Brownfield Land

What are Brownfield Sites?

Most of the land that was once used for industry in this country laid redundant for many years. But where demand for residential and commercial property is high, and available green spaces are low, brownfield sites have become an increasingly popular development opportunity. Brownfield land is seen as a great development option and everyone is keen to see brownfield sites brought back to life.  Contact us for Geotechnical Site Investigation Services.

Brownfield land

Geotechnical Site Investigation News

Earth Environmental & Geotechnical Meet The Team # Women In Science

Today is the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. Only 35 per cent of all students enrolled in STEM related fields of study are women. At Earth Environmental & Geotechnical we believe that Engineering, Geology, Applied Environmental Engineering and Environmental Sciences are great career choices for ALL. We would encourage all students with an interest in what can impact the environment to study sciences and consider careers in environmental and geotechnical sciences.
Earth Environmental appoint UK Business Development Manager Mark Newall

Earth Environmental appoint UK Business Development Manager Mark Newall

Earth Environmental & Geotechnical welcomes Mark Newall as its UK Business Development Manager. Mark will be based in the Stockport Head Office and will be assisting with ambitious expansion plans for all the regional offices.
Linden Richardson

New Principal GeoEnvironmental Consultant

Welcome to Linden Richardson our new Principal GeoEnvironmental Consultant. Lin will be working with the Head Office team based in Stockport, Greater Manchester providing an extensive range of contaminated land, remediation, geology, mining and geotechnical services across the North of England and Wales.
Ground Investigations North Yorkshire

Ground Investigations with Earth Environmental’s North East Office

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It’s been a very busy few months for Chris and the team at Earth Environmental & Geotechnical’s North East (EEGNE) Office. They have been on site completing a wide range of Ground Investigations and involved in some exciting new projects for Yorkshire and the North East,
The Manchester and Salford Planning Handbook

The Manchester and Salford Planning Handbook

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The Manchester and Salford Planning Handbook is out today with advice on the “ins and outs” of the planning system in England, check out page 37 featuring Earth Environmental & Geotechnical and our list of Services call now to discuss your new development. Tel:0161 975 6088
Associate Director Bath Office South West

Earth Environmental & Geotechnical New Associate Director Bath Office

Earth Environmental & Geotechnical are delighted to announce the promotion of Rosa Mariscal to the position of Associate Director, South West Office. Rosa joined Earth Environmental & Geotechnical as a Senior Consultant in 2019. Working with Simon Leat and the team at the Bath Office Rosa has delivered geotechnical, mining, geological and environmental services to clients across the South West region.

Earth Environmental & Geotechnical

Earth Environmental have vision, to provide high quality, cost effective and pragmatic Geotechnical Site Investigation, Mining, Geotechnical and Geological Risk Assessment to our clients.

We take pride in our work, we enjoy our work, and we are very committed to provision of timely services at a reasonable cost with clearly presented solutions.

We are a consultancy of  experienced Engineers, Geologists, Applied Environmental Engineers and Environmental Scientists.  Our long term aim is to provide a national service delivered by local offices, run by technically proficient staff with a strong business acumen.

Phase 1 Desk Study

We offer a fixed price of £800 + VAT for a Comprehensive Phase I GeoEnvironmental Desk Study including a Site Walkover Survey of a site that is less than 5 hectares in size.

A Phase 1 Desk Study is a preliminary risk assessment report of a development site, often required for planning applications.

Coal Mining Risk Assessment

The Coal Authority in July 2011 formalised their requirements in relation to planning applications (except householder developments) in England, Scotland and Wales and introduced new terminology relating to Coal Mining Development Areas.

We offer a fixed price Coal Mining Risk Assessment for £395.00 + VAT.

Plate Bearing Test

The Plate Bearing Test (or Plate Loading Test) is an in-situ field test used to determine the ultimate bearing capacity of rocks and soils and anticipated settlement beneath an imposed load.

Radon Monitoring & Detection

In partnership with Radonova we provide Radon monitoring in existing commercial and residential properties. We are also launching our new service – Ecotrak®. This allows for assessment of radon soil gas. Ecotrak® monitoring allows developers make an informed decision whether a NEW residential or commercial property requires radon mitigation measures.

Earth Environmental Our Values

Our aim is to maintain a vibrant and dynamic working environment where clients and employees expectations are always considered, responded to and achieved.  As a group of people we are committed to our core values and constantly measure ourselves individually and collectively against our own personal high standards and the expectations of clients.  Our core values are:

  • Our clients should trust our reputation, service and opinion
  • We firmly believe that we are here to provide pragmatic technical solutions including Geotechnical Site Investigations
  • We entered this business because we are scientists and we want to continue being passionate about our work
  • Our personnel are all experts in their field
  • We will always provide a good service

Geotechnical Site Investigation – Case Studies

Environmental Permit Baseline Study - Bristol

Ground investigation Bristol : New Environmental Permit Application

Earth Environmental were commissioned to undertake a ground investigation and to inform a new Environmental Permit Application at a Green Waste Composting Facility located in Yate Bristol. The proposed site was used historically as a Colliery and as agricultural land prior to the current use. To inform the Environmental Permit Application, our client required a survey to understand baseline environmental conditions for soils, groundwater and ground gas across the assessment site.
Phase 2 ground investigation Kepax Bridge after

Phase 2 Ground Investigation : Kepax Cycle Footbridge

Earth Environmental & Geotechnical (Southern) have been commissioned by Jacobs Consultancy Ltd on behalf of Worcestershire County Council and Worcester City Council, to undertake phase 2 ground investigation works to support the construction of a footway cycle bridge - Kepax Bridge, that crosses the River Severn to the north of the city.
Basement Impact Assessment Hackney London

Basement Impact Assessment Hackney London New Development

Earth Environmental & Geotechnical (Southern) Ltd were commissioned to undertake a Basement Impact Assessment for a new development in Hackney, London. As part of the assessment Earth Environmental & Geotechnical (Southern) Ltd carried out: Desk Study, Ground Investigation, Laboratory Geotechnical/Environmental Testing
Basement Impact Assessment & Surface Water Drainage Design 2

Basement Impact Assessment London

Earth Environmental & Geotechnical's Reading office was commissioned to undertake a Basement Impact Assessment (BIA) and surface water management drainage design (SUDs Report) at a private residential development in West London.EEGSL were contacted after a previous consultant was unable to complete the works to the client's specification. undertook ground investigation works including a 10m cable percussive borehole, a series of gas and groundwater monitoring visits and soakaway testing (BRE 365 Standard).
Chippenham Lane, Slough, Subsidence Ground Investigation and Assessment 

Ground Investigation and Assessment of Subsidence in Slough

Chippenham Lane, Slough, Subsidence Ground Investigation and Assessment  Earth Environmental & Geotechnical's Reading Office were commissioned to undertake a ground investigation for two semi-detached dwellings along Chippenham Lane in Slough. The investigation was requested to help understand settlement issues impacting both properties.
site investigation found a hydrocarbon impacted benzene plume

In-Situ Remediation Soil & Groundwater Treatment

Earth Environmental & Geotechnical have been involved in the assessment of ground conditions on the site for a number of years. The site is a shopping park which is being redeveloped and rejuvenated.

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