Regional Office: South commissioned to undertake a ground investigation to investigate ground condition for geotechnical design at a site in Frilford. EEGSL had earlier been commissioned to carry out soak-away testing on this site, however the client then required further geotechnical investigation and requested it to be combined with current archaeological investigations on site.

A flood risk assessment is required when making a planning application for a development which is located in the floodplain or in an area affected by flooding. You need to undertake a flood risk assessment for most developments within one of the flood zones. Find out more about Flood Risk Assessments

When do you need a Phase 1 Desk Study?
If you are planning to develop a site, whether it is a large-scale commercial development, a residential development, or an extension to an existing property,  you will generally need to complete a Phase 1 Desk Study as part of your planning application. But when is the ideal time to get the phase 1 desktop report?

Earth Environmental & Geotechnical would like to wish you and all those close to you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.However you plan to spend your time over the festive season, we wish you health and happiness and hopefully a time to relax with those close to you. Have a great Christmas and we look forward to 2022

If you are planning a new development, or extending a property it is essential to have a thorough understanding of what you are building on. So why are Mining Risk Assessments and Coal Mining Risk Assessments Important
With over 150,000 abandoned mines across the UK and more than 130,00 properties within just 20 metres of a mineshaft, historic mining activity still impacts current developments, so having a detailed risk assessment could be essential for your site planning proposals.

Earth Environmental & Geotechnical are delighted to announce that John Grace has joined the board of Directors. John joined Earth Environmental & Geotechnical in 2018 and has headed up the South Regional Office for the last 3 years, growing the business and providing a wide range of environmental and geotechnical services throughout the south.

Radon Monitoring and Detection for New Building Developments | Radon Monitoring and detection is an essential assessment required in risk areas throughout the UK. But how do you know if the land that you intend to develop is at risk from radon? Earth Environmental & Geotechnical can help with radon monitoring and detection. Residential, commercial and future developments need to know if there is a risk of radon exposure, or if radon exposure is occurring.

Meet the Team: Earth Environmental & Geotechnical welcome Heidi who will be based at their Head Office in Stockport Greater Manchester. Heidi has just joined us as a GeoEnvironmental & Mining Consultant in the Stockport office.

From Soil Logging Courses to Phase 1 Desk Studies, it’s been an exciting 1st Month as a Geography and Geology, Graduate!
Since starting at Earth Environmental & Geotechnical on the 7th September, Bethany’s first few weeks of training have been exciting and extensive. She has already been involved in Phase 1 Desk Study reports and completed several training courses, including soil logging and first aid.

Earth Environmental and Geotechnical we are delighted to be recognised in the Top 50 UK Geotechnical Consultancy Businesses. This year we are the 34th largest Geotechnical Consultancy practice in UK. This is a fantastic result achieved through the dedication and expertise of our brilliant team.