What Could Delay Your Development Construction?
More than 50% of construction projects are delayed by adverse site conditions or unexpected ground conditions. Conducting detailed Site Investigation / Ground Investigations can save you time and money. There are many reason’s a development can be delayed, but one of the key factors that will affect a development is knowing what you are building on.

Earth Environmental were commissioned to undertake a deep window sample borehole ground investigation and basement impact assessment at an existing property in London. The property had limited access for a proposed deep basement development (circa 6-8m) Access to the drilling locations required all drilling equipment to be transported through the occupied property which excluded many typical drilling techniques (which often require vehicle access as a minimum).

Earth Environmental were commissioned to undertake a ground investigation and to inform a new Environmental Permit Application at a Green Waste Composting Facility located in Yate Bristol.
The proposed site was used historically as a Colliery and as agricultural land prior to the current use.
To inform the Environmental Permit Application, our client required a survey to understand baseline environmental conditions for soils, groundwater and ground gas across the assessment site.

This Week is Radon Awareness Week with daily webinars at 10 am highlighting the the risks of Radon and what steps must be taken to minimise the risks. Including Radon Monitoring and Radon Detection in the workplace.
2020 has been a year when lung health has been in the spotlight and “now more than ever we have all become aware of how important it is to look after our lungs” If you have missed any of the webinars they are available

Earth Environmental & Geotechnical (Southern) have been commissioned by Jacobs Consultancy Ltd on behalf of Worcestershire County Council and Worcester City Council, to undertake phase 2 ground investigation works to support the construction of a footway cycle bridge – Kepax Bridge, that crosses the River Severn to the north of the city.

High levels of radon can be found in buildings of any type, size or location Do you know the facts? Radon Awareness week from Monday 2nd November get the facts then act

Earth Environmental & Geotechnical are currently involved in a number of site investigations in Derbyshire. The ground investigations have included landslides, triggered by exceptional weather that caused country-wide flooding.

Two roads in the county are currently closed due to landslides, so it is great news to hear that Derbyshire County Council has earmarked more than £40milllion for road maintenance and improvements over the next 18 months, including repairs to the two roads closed due to landslides.

Earth Environmental & Geotechnical (Southern) Ltd were commissioned to undertake a Basement Impact Assessment for a new development in Hackney, London. As part of the assessment Earth Environmental & Geotechnical (Southern) Ltd carried out: Desk Study, Ground Investigation, Laboratory Geotechnical/Environmental Testing

Earth Environmental & Geotechnical (North East) Ltd were proud to be working with INEOS at it’s Saltend Site, Hull.

As the appointed Ground Investigation consultant it was great to be coordinating a wide range of specialist Investigations including deep boreholes, thermal and electrical resistivity, crosshole seismic and CPT in preparation for the £150m new Hull facility. Good to see this investment in the UK.

Coal Mine Shaft Collapses: Each Year in the UK an Average of 15 Mine Shafts Collapse.
Are You Aware of the Risks of Historical Coal Mining and Mining Activity and How It Can Impact Your Existing Site or Proposed Development? A Coal Mining Risk Assessment’s aim is to identify site specific coal mining risks and set out the proposed mitigation strategy to show that the site can be made safe and stable for the development being proposed.