New Service : Ecotrak® for Radon Monitoring & Detection

Earth Environmental have signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Radonova to supply a new innovative system of Radon detectors and testing

Ecotrak® allows for assessment of radon soil gas. Ecotrak® enables developers to decide whether a NEW residential or commercial property requires radon mitigation measures. This is a very exciting development in radon detection and radon mitigation. At the moment the assessment of radon risk is based on 1km square grids on a UK wide atlas. The risk is based on very sparse measurements. But the new Ecotrak® detector (Radon Detection & Monitoring) can be used ahead of new builds and property renovations to provide accurate information on the amount of radon in the soil. So now developers can get site specific information. This is great news for developers So property developers can effectively plan for radon mitigation. Should monitoring show that the site is what’s termed ‘high risk’, the construction can be made radon-proof from the beginning.

Earth Environmental & Geotechnical are the only company offering Ecotrak® radon monitoring. We also provide a comprehensive service for radon detection and  monitoring. Contact us now for further information click here

Radon Detection & Monitoring