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A high quality, cost-effective and pragmatic geotechnical, mining, geological and environmental services to clients across the North East, North Yorkshire and the surrounding regions. Including Tyne & Wear, Durham, Teesside, Northumberland. We take pride in our work and are committed to delivering timely services at a reasonable cost with clearly presented solutions.

Our North East office benefits from expert knowledge and a keen understanding of the area and its bespoke issues. Including the regions’ historic industrial past, and the coal and ironstone mining legacy which powered it..

We offer geotechnical, mining, geological and environmental services to a range of clients across the North East, covering regions including Tyne & Wear, Durham, Teesside, Northumberland and North Yorkshire. The region carries its own challenges such as the regeneration of its urban former industrial and chemical centres. The extensive coal resource that fuelled these past industries affects much of the northern half of the region, which has a high concentration of coal authority development high risk areas, an extensive catalogue of abandoned mines, numerous mine entries, coal outcrops, past (and some current) surface mining and more. These create a significant challenge to development, demanding thorough research and reporting, with local knowledge being absolutely vital in these situations.

The southern part of the region does not escape complex issues which include the Ironstone mining legacy of North Yorkshire and Teesside along with the associated steel and chemical industry legacy, as well as gypsum dissolution concerns in areas such as Ripon and Darlington.

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