Geotechnical Site Investigation with Mineral Resource Assessment and a Mining Risk Assessment.

Site Investigation and Mineral Resource
Site Investigation and Mineral Resource Assessment

Earth Environmental & Geotechnical complete Site Investigation for a wide range of clients throughout the UK. We provide a national service delivered by local offices, run by technically proficient staff with a strong business acumen.

All site investigations are conducted in accordance with strict and well-defined health and safety practices with site specific method statements and risk assessments provided. Prior to commencement on-site service (gas sewers, electricity etc.) information is acquired from the client (or its agents) with utility tracing conducted, if required.

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Earth Environmental & Geotechnical North East were commissioned to complete Geotechnical Site Investigation with Mineral Resource Assessment and a Mining Risk Assessment.

The North East Regional Offices have also been working on a wide range of other projects for their growing client base. One unique project that the team were delighted to work on related to Mineral Rights for a plot of land in The North Pennines.

“We were contacted by a client who owned a plot of land and wanted to develop the site. The land had a mineral rights claim on it and the client’s insurance company needed more information on whether the site was likely to be underlain by historic workings as well as whether further mineral extraction was likely to occur in the future. This was a very interesting project and more details on the Metalliferous Mining in this rural area were required.”

The North East team worked with The Nenthead Mines Conservation Society on this project, visiting the mine centre to review historic mine abandonment plans for the area.  The society is a volunteer charity that cares for, manages, and maintains the historic site. The remote valley is covered by remains from the lead and zinc mining industry of the North Pennines. Most of the valley is a Scheduled Ancient Monument and the society has an extensive archive which include:

  • Documents about the archaeology, geology and history of Nenthead Mines and other mines nearby.
  • Maps and Plans of the Mines, Buildings, Archaeology at Nenthead and nearby in the North Pennines.
  • Site photographs
  • Books

“It was great to see the archives about this outstandingly beautiful area and do some detailed research, it’s a fascinating place.”

From the information in the archives at Nenthead, combined with assessments and investigations of the land, The North East Office compiled a Mineral Resource Assessment and a Mining Risk Assessment. The reports satisfied the insurance company and the development could proceed, so the client was delighted.

Mineral Resource Assessment