Ground Investigation Bristol

Ground Investigation to Inform a New Environmental Permit Application

Earth Environmental & Geotechnical were commissioned to undertake a ground investigation in Bristol, and to inform a new Environmental Permit Application at a Green Waste Composting Facility located in Yate.

The proposed site was used historically as a Colliery and as agricultural land prior to the current use.

To inform the Environmental Permit Application, our client required a survey to understand baseline environmental conditions for soils, groundwater and ground gas across the assessment site.

The subsequent ground investigation comprised of a series of shallow boreholes (utilising Dynamic Sampling techniques), soil and groundwater laboratory analysis and ground gas and groundwater level monitoring.

In addition to the baseline sampling, several falling head tests were undertaken at the assessment site to inform shallow drainage design.

The site investigation was supervised full time by experienced Earth Environmental consultants and all fieldworks were carried out in accordance with BS 5930:2015 and BS10175:2017.

Ground Investigation Bristol for Permit Planning Application

The works culminated with the production of a detailed  factual report containing:

  • Details of all exploratory fieldworks undertaken;
  • Detailed descriptions of soils and groundwater conditions encountered;
  • Baseline chemical data for Soils and Groundwater;
  • Calculation of shallow soil permeabilities

Environmental Permit Baseline Study - Bristol

To download the Bristol Case Study PDF Click the link below

Ground Investigation Bristol Case-Study