London Basement Impact Assessment and Surface Water Drainage Design

London: Basement Impact Assessment

Earth Environmental & Geotechnical’s Reading Office was commissioned to undertake a Basement Impact Assessment (BIA) and surface water management drainage design (SUDs Report) at a private residential development in West London. EEGSL was contacted after a previous consultant was unable to complete the works to the client’s specification. EEGSL undertook ground investigation works including a 10m cable percussive borehole, a series of gas and groundwater monitoring visits and soakaway testing (BRE 365 Standard).

As with all BIA’s completed by EEGSL, a preliminary hydrogeological ground model was compiled alongside a review of flooding risk and geotechnical assessment. The resulting BIA and Geotechnical Report were used by the project’s structural engineer to inform the basements construction and design.

Basement Impact Assessment & Surface Water Drainage Design

The site investigation was supervised full time by experienced Earth Environmental Consultants and all fieldworks were carried out in accordance with BS 5930:2015 Code of Practice for Site Investigations.

Basement Impact Assessment & Surface Water Drainage Design 2

The works culminated with the production of a detailed Basement Impact Assessment and Interpretative Geotechnical Report and a Surface Water Drainage Design Report providing recommendations on :

  • Basement construction design and methodology;
  • Geotechnical design information;
  • Surface water management and discharge
  • Ground gas risk assessment

To Download this Case Study please click on the link below

Basement Impact Assessment & Surface Water Drainage Design West London 537

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