Earth Environmental & Geotechnical – South

Delivering high-quality environmental and geotechnical expertise and services to the busiest region for building and development in the UK.

The Reading office of Earth Environmental and Geotechnical Ltd., covers an area across the south and south east that is demanding in its varied geology, and because it’s probably the busiest region on the UK in terms of building and development.

We cover a large area, from Oxfordshire to Suffolk, and from Buckinghamshire to West Sussex and Kent. The environmental challenges presented by the geology in the south of England include the Kent Coalfield, a large surface coal resource area stretching eastwards from Canterbury into the Channel. This area contains abandoned surface mines and small, isolated spots marked as Development High Risk Areas. Radon is a more widespread problem, particularly south-east of Canterbury, East of Winchester, and between Chichester and Worthing, where some parts are in bands of elevated radon potential between 5 and 10%. A lower band of potential radon, between 1 and 4%, stretches across Kent, West of Canterbury, across the North Downs and up to London itself.

In terms of mineral resources, the region, particularly Kent, is renowned for high purity chalk, while a wide range of other resources include limestone, various types of sand, and brick clay. High purity chalk stretches westwards, across Surrey, as does a band of brick clay. London offers large superficial sand and gravel resources, including active sites and planning permission – particularly to the east and west. Counties such as Herts, to the north of London, also contain mineral extraction sites, both active and with valid planning permissions.

There are areas of outstanding natural beauty, and special scientific interest, across the region.

Earth Environmental and Geotechnical in the South has the knowledge, expertise and resources to provide detailed information on any location within the south and south-east of England.


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