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Coal Mining Risk Assessment


If your site is in a Development High Risk Area, you must submit a Coal Mining Risk Assessment to your Local Planning Authority.

The Coal Authority formalised its requirements in relation to planning applications (except householder developments) in England, Scotland, and Wales and introduced new terminology relating to Coal Mining Development Areas.

Phase 1 Desk Study

Phase 1 GeoEnvironmental Desk study
With a site Walkover Survey — £800 +VAT

Phase 1 GeoEnvironmental Desk study
Without a site Walkover Survey  — £550 +VAT

A phase 1 desk study should always precede any ground investigation. Ideally it should also be accompanied by a walk over survey conducted by an experienced practitioner.

Coal Mine Gas Risk Assessment



Coal Mine Gas Risk Assessment may be required if your development site is in a coal mining risk area. This assessmnent will identify if complex mine gas is a risk on your site and steps that need to be taken to minimise the risk.

Environmental and Geotechnical services for Landfill Sites

Soil Waste Classification

Waste soils are classified into Hazardous, Non-hazardous & Inert

Soil waste classification is a legal requirement for any waste material identified for landfill, disposal, or reuse off-site. Correct soil waste classification can reduce costs. Earth Environmental & Geotechnical provides a Comprehensive range of services for effective waste management including Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC).

Quality Geotechnical Services

Site Investigations 

Ground Investigations

Site investigations and Ground Investigations are conducted to establish ground conditions and the composition of the ground beneath a development site before construction starts. Site investigations are required to determine soil and rock’s engineering properties and how they will interact with the sites development plan. Earth Environmental & Geotechnical provides a comprehensive range of site investgations to support planning permission requirements.

Radon Surveys for Risk Assessment

Radon Surveys

Radon Survey, Detection, and Monitoring Services.

Earth Environmental & Geotechnical provides a Comprehensive range of Radon Survey, Detection, and Monitoring Services. Radon exposure is a serious risk to health. Residential, commercial, and future developments need to know if there is a risk of radon exposure, or if radon exposure is occurring. All employers, landlords, public sector buildings, commercial property owners have a legal requirement to ensure that their buildings are safe.

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Geotechnical Site Investigation News…

contaminated land

Contaminated Mine Water Remediation

Contaminated Mine Water, the recent Financial Times feature “Welsh Mines Leak at Least 500 Tonnes of Harmful Metals Each Year” highlights the issue of metal contamination from historical mining and the impact on our ecosystems and health. The article also raises the need for a detailed understanding of the contamination, especially where new developments, including residential are being planned.
design, maintenance and planning of quarries.

Quarry Design

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Earth Environmental & Geotechnical Ltd provides consultancy services for the design, maintenance, and planning of quarries. Our Chartered Geologists are competent persons to fulfill the role of Geotechnical Specialist (Regulation 32 Quarries Regulations 1999) and perform Geotechnical Assessments for identified significant hazards (Regulation 32 HSE 2014).

Geotechnical Jobs

We are currently looking to recruit great people to join our expanding company. We are always on the lookout for committed, excellent team players to help us grow and develop our business. If you would like to join our team to provide high quality, cost effective, and pragmatic geotechnical, mining, geological, and environmental services to our clients.
ground gas membrane validation

Ground Gas Membrane Design and Validation

Earth Environmental & Geotechnical Ltd offer ground gas membrane protection validation in line with CIRIA C735 good practice on gas membrane testing and verification of protection systems for buildings against hazardous ground gases. Our staff are Specialists in Gas Protection Verification’ (SGPV) accredited by the CL:AIRE Gas Protection Verification Accreditation Scheme (GPVS)

Earth Environmental & Geotechnical | Site investigation, Phase 1 Desk Study

Earth Environmental & Geotechnical provides an extensive range of site investigation services. Including subsurface investigations, trial pits, rotary drilling, and ground investigations. We offer Phase 1 desk study and a full range of risk assessment services for planning applications: coal mining risk assessments and Flood Risk Assessments

Earth Environmental has a vision, to provide high-quality, cost-effective, and pragmatic Geotechnical Site Investigation, Mining, Geotechnical and Geological Risk Assessment to our clients.

We take pride in our work, we enjoy our work, and we are very committed to the provision of timely services at a reasonable cost with clearly presented solutions.

We are a geotechnical and environmental consultancy of experienced Engineers, Geologists, Applied Environmental Engineers, and Environmental Scientists.  Our long-term aim is to provide a national service delivered by local offices, run by technically proficient staff with strong business acumen.

Phase 1 Desk Study

We offer a fixed price of £800 + VAT for a Comprehensive Phase I GeoEnvironmental Desk Study including a Site Walkover Survey of a site that is less than 5 hectares in size.

A Phase 1 Desk Study is a preliminary risk assessment report of a development site, often required for planning applications.

Coal Mining Risk Assessment

The Coal Authority in July 2011 formalised their requirements in relation to planning applications (except householder developments) in England, Scotland and Wales and introduced new terminology relating to Coal Mining Development Areas.

We offer a fixed price Coal Mining Risk Assessment for £395.00 + VAT.

Plate Bearing Test

The Plate Bearing Test (or Plate Loading Test) is an in-situ field test used to determine the ultimate bearing capacity of rocks and soils and anticipated settlement beneath an imposed load.

Site Investigation

Earth Environmental & Geotechnical provides an extensive range of Site Investigation Services for clients to inform construction designs and satisfy conditions for planning applications, building control departments, The Environment Agency. 

Flood Risk Assessment

A Flood Risk Assessment, also known as a FRA, is a report that details the main flood risks to a development site.  The FRA is frequently needed as part of the planning application for a development

Development of Brownfield Land

What are Brownfield Sites?

Most of the land that was once used for industry in this country laid redundant for many years. But where demand for residential and commercial property is high, and available green spaces are low, brownfield sites have become an increasingly popular development opportunity. Brownfield land is seen as a great development option and everyone is keen to see brownfield sites brought back to life.  Contact us for Geotechnical Site Investigation Services.


Geotechnical Site Investigation – Case Studies

Radon Monitoring of School Grounds

Radon Monitoring in Bristol

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Large parts of Bristol and the surrounding area are in High Risk zones for radon levels. Radon Monitoring and detection is an essential assessment required in risk areas throughout the UK. Earth Environmental & Geotechnical recently worked with a School in Bristol using MARKUS 10 instruments that allows for in-situ measurement of radon gas in soils. The Markus 10 can provide a clear understanding of the radon levels in the soil of your School site and can quickly allow for an informed decision whether the site requires radon mitigation measures.
Site Investigation and Mineral Resource

Geotechnical Site Investigation and Mineral Resource Assessment

Earth Environmental & Geotechnical North East were commissioned to complete Geotechnical Site Investigation with Mineral Resource Assessment and a Mining Risk Assessment. Mineral Resource Assessment and a Mining Risk Assessment were compiled which satisfied the insurance company and the development could proceed, so the client was delighted.
Rotary Sonic Drilling boreholes for samples

Site Investigation and Sonic Drilling Boreholes

Earth Environmental & Geotechnical Regional Office South was commissioned to complete a  Site Investigation in Guildford which led to Rotary Sonic Drilling Borehole Investigations. Ground investigation works were undertaken to support the investigation, design and reconstruction of a roadway and bridge embankment which had suffered significant subsidence due to badger activity.
Geoenvironmental Phase 1 Desk Study and Site Investigation in Reading

Phase 1 Desk Study and Site Investigation

Earth Environmental & Geotechnical Reading office was commissioned to undertake a geo-environmental phase 1 desk-top study and subsequent ground investigation in an unoccupied residential property to examine ground conditions for foundation design and to assess the soil and ground gas contamination levels for the future development.

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