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    updated 13/09/2023

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    Information and Actions Required from You

    • A plan showing the site boundary or area of interest. Our website has a file uploading facility that could be used to facilitate the sending of a PDF file.
    • Tell us the reason for the survey, is it a pre-acquisition assessment etc.
    • Do you own the site?
    • Are there any underground or above ground fuel storage tanks?
    • Are you planning to build on site, if so what. Can you send us a development layout plan?
    • Who do we contact for access as part of walkover survey?
    • Are there any obvious health and safety hazards on site.
    • Can you tell us anything about the current site use and former land uses?
    • Any former pollution incidents that we should be aware of?
    • Is there a pre-existing site investigation study on the site?
    • Are there any services. If so can you send us the detail? If disconnected are they terminated at site boundary?