Legal Due Diligence

We provide advice to legal practices involved in handling property transactions and development of environmental legislation. Offering a comprehensive assessment of all geotechnical and environmental aspects as a part of your property due diligence process.

Who We Work For – Legal Advice

We provide advice to legal practices involved in handling property transactions and development of environmental legislation and have forged a long standing working relationship with several legal and environmental litigation practices across the UK.

Typical scenarios where we provide services to the legal sector include;

  • Corporate and Banking Due Diligence
  • Planning Appeals
  • Environmental Permits
  • Site Decommissioning Plans/Validation
  • Environmental Liability Transfers
  • PartIIA Contaminated Land Assessment
  • Portfolio Divestment Studies
  • Pension Fund Acquisition
  • Environmental Audits

We specialise in a combined approach to address both geotechnical and contaminated land considerations in development projects, ensuring a pragmatic cost efficient solution for foundation design and regulatory compliance.

Our ground investigations adhere strictly to industry standards and British Standard guidelines BS:5930 and BS:10175, providing reliable data essential for informed decision-making.

We conduct geotechnical laboratory testing, ensuring accuracy and promptness in results delivery.

Our ground investigations serve to inform construction design, mitigating risks, construction delays, and escalating project costs. Additionally, they enable a quantitative geoenvironmental contaminated land risk assessment when required.

We offer expertise in identifying and comprehending geoenvironmental risks and liabilities associated with land transactions for future development. We can investigate land which is potentially classed as contaminated under Part IIA of the Environmental Protection Act, which requires specialist investigation and liaison with the regulators.

Furthermore, we assist in regulatory monitoring, compliance, geoenvironmental audits, and due diligence, aimed at minimising financial and legal liabilities associated with your project.

Professional Geotechnical & Environmental consultancy services are offered for legal cases requiring specialist knowledge in the areas of geotechnics, geoenvironmental, environmental permits and contaminated land.