Subsidence Surveys

Since the early 1970’s subsidence cover has been included within household insurance policies. Subsidence is normally defined within an insurance policy as being associated with heave, landslip and water damage (leakage from below ground drainage or water supply services). The structure of a building may be damaged as a result of ground and/or foundation movement.

Subsidence Surveys Service

There are of course many possible cause of subsidence damage, for example there may be groundwater affects upon cohesionless soils, damage can occur through soil/rock instability, mining within the area, a damaged retaining wall, dissolution features in chalk/limestone or due to differential settlement within poorly compacted materials.

We would also examine the influence of environmental factors including trees in the vicinity, the type of soil especially cohesive soils, together with the location/condition of subsurface drainage.

We advise Insurers and Insurer appointed loss adjusters upon all aspects of subsidence (and heave), including the initial appraisal and subsequent site investigation and follow this with recommendations for design of any necessary remedial measures.

Services we provide as part of subsidence surveys include:

  • Soil Desiccation Surveys
  • Site Investigation
  • Slope Stability Assessment
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Mining Survey
  • Remedial Measure Design
subsidence surveys

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