Private Residential

We provide a wide array of geotechnical services to private residential property owners to assist them in their planning permission applications, site investigations and assessment of land for development.

Who We Work For – Private Residential Clients

At Earth Environmental & Geotechnical we work with Private Residential clients on a range of services frequently to support successful planning applications for extensions to their existing property or to develop on the owner’s land.

We work directly with private residential owners to assess the scope of the proposed development and advise on the stages of land appraisal required for a successful planning application.

We also work with private residential owners, architects, project managers, or contractors to ensure there is a clear understanding of ground conditions and exactly what your development is building on. We support Private Residential owners to ensure that the correct geotechnical and environmental risk assessments are completed and that remediation or foundation designs are developed as required.

At Earth Environmental & Geotechnical we have a wealth of knowledge and skills working with challenging developments including:

  • Restricted Access
  • Slope Stability
  • Radon Risk areas
  • Flood Risk areas

We provide a comprehensive range of  geotechnical services for Private Residential developments including:

If you are a private residential owner looking to extend or develop, please contact Earth Environmental & Geotechnical to discuss your project needs.