Environmental Auditing

Earth Environmental & Geotechnical has conducted numerous environmental audits for a variety of industries, including due diligence audits, operational environmental management and statutory/compliance audits. Audits have included factories, mines/quarries, paper mill and chemical industries. In addition we have completed corporate audits of environmental management systems and project strategies for major developments.

Our auditing experience includes the following:

  • statutory compliance audits against development consent project approval requirements;
  • internal site compliance audits of development consents, Environmental Permits and leases;
  • environmental management system audits;
  • due diligence environmental audits on behalf of prospective purchasers associated with pre-sale investigations;
  • audits of the environmental performance of construction activities for major infrastructure projects; and
  • auditing of a number of site operational aspects including pipeline installation and management of site fuels.
environmental auditing

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