Geotechnical Services for Contractors

Our staff have extensive experience of working for many types of contractors assisting them with securing planning permission for new developments, including the provision of site investigations, assessment of ground conditions or independent validation of remedial works

Who We Work For – Contractor

At Earth Environmental & Geotechnical Ltd. we provide geotechnical services for a wide range of contractors

Many contractors are required to submit design and build tenders that require an understanding of risks associated with ground conditions including the geotechnical and contamination risks.  By use of our staff, who are well versed in the delivery of tender contract documentation, we can usually offer a commercial advantage over competitors.

Typical contractors we work for include;

  • Remediation Contractors
  • Demolition Contactors
  • Building Contractors
  • Earthworks Plant Hire Companies
  • Civil Engineering Contractors
  • Ground Improvement Contractors
  • Drilling Contractors
  • Landfill Engineering Contractors

Earth Environmental & Geotechnical Ltd. provides a wide range of geotechnical services for contractors including

The Plate Bearing Test (or Plate Loading Test) which is an in-situ field test used to determine the ultimate bearing capacity of rocks and soils and anticipated settlement beneath an imposed load. We also provide settlement calculations; assessments of piles, pavements, and earthworks; slope stability analysis; and interpretation of in-situ testing results.

Earthworks Modelling Service – This work requires the modelling of earthworks taking into account the regrading of sites to achieve development plateaus that recognise drainage levels, subsurface structures and any contamination.

Contaminated Land Assessment – The investigation, assessment and remediation of contaminated land requires an understanding of many different specialist disciplines that allow for a comprehensive and pragmatic development to proceed.

Landfill Services – We have extensive experience in the landfill sector having worked within landfill companies and as consultants for operators. This experience has involved us in many facets of the development of sites from planning application stage, through to design and Construction Quality Assurance.

For more details on the full range of Environmental & Geotechnical Consultancy services please contact us.

We have 7 Regional Offices serving all areas of the UK.

Geotechnical Services for Contractors

geotechnical services for contractors

Earth Environmental & Geotechnical Ltd. provides geotechnical services for a wide range of contractors.

For more details on the full range of geotechnical services please contact us.