Earth Environmental & Geotechnical Mineshaft and Sinkhole Helpline

Mineshaft and Sinkhole Helpline.

Earth Environmental & Geotechnical have a Mineshaft and Sinkhole Helpline.

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Coal mining and other mineral mining has shaped the country we live in today, but the legacy of this mining activity can severely impact existing buildings and infrastructure. Almost a third of buildings (29%) in the UK are built on areas of mining activity and as new land is developed, understanding exactly what lies beneath your proposed development is essential.

The presence of a mine shaft can devalue a property by up to 30% depending on how close it is to a building and whether remedial action has been taken to stabilise the mineshaft. Even when there is no evidence of subsidence problems or instability caused by mineshafts and sinkholes you need to be aware of the potential hazards and address the risks.

Earth Environmental & Geotechnical’s Mineshaft and Sinkhole Helpline is available to help anyone who needs further information on mineshaft and sinkhole hazards. If you are:

  • Buying a home
  • Selling your home
  • Residential Development
  • Commercial Development
  • Solicitors
  • Estate Agents
  • Property Developers
  • Builders

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