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Geotechnical Services North East Regional Offfice

Whitley Bay, North Tyneside conducting site investigations for the redevelopment of a private residential property.  Site Investigation techniques used were open hole drilling using water flush in a restricted area.

Radon Surveys North East England

The team is also providing radon surveys for properties in maximum radon potential areas throughout the North East of England.

The radon potential maps have recently been updated and more areas have been identified at high risk of radon exposure. The maps, which can be found here identify 1km grid square of the radon potential. But understanding if your property or new development is actually at risk of Radon exposure and requires mitigation designs can only be clearly identified if the specific area or building is tested. The in-situ radon surveys are used to support Town Planning applications that include an assessment of whether a site is likely to be ‘Suitable for Use’ with respect to risks to future users from radon ingress if no radon mitigation measures are installed or further assessment is undertaken.

At Earth Environmental & Geotechnical we have an extensive range of Radon Survey services for radon Monitoring and Radon Detection including: in-situ measurement of radon gas activity using MARKUS 10 instruments, Radon monitoring in existing commercial and residential properties, plus we also provide Ecotrak® Radon monitoring radon soil gas. (Read More)

If you are planning a new development and need geotechnical services contact Paul Finnimore at our North East Office Email: Tel: 01642 438125


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Geotechnical Services North East England Regional Office

The team in our North East Regional Office have been busy working on new projects throughout Tyne & Wear, County Durham, North Yorkshire, and Teesside, supporting planning applications with phase 1 desk studies, flood risk assessments, coal mining risk assessments, plus site investigations, ground investigations, contaminated land for several new projects.

Paul Finnimore, Associate Director of the North East Regional Office grew up in Redcar and is proud to see the development of his local North East Region, as investment and construction in the area continues. Paul worked on the site investigations in the former British steel works including the South Bank Quay, the UK’s premier offshore wind hub. Recently Earth Environmental & Geotechnical, who are based at The Wilton Centre in Redcar, were involved in site investigations for a major development by The Wilton Centre to build manufacturing space, laboratories and offices on land inside the nearby Teesside Freeport.

“This month we have been involved in a wide range of geotechnical services for a diverse range of clients, including private residential owners looking to develop or rebuild their property, telecommunications & Utilities, housing associations, property developers to name a few. Some of our projects included rotary coring for a proposed underground cable route, rotary open hole drilling for possible mine workings and general site investigations for residential housing projects.”

Updated Radon Map