Geotechnical Assessment

Our staff have extensive experience in the assessment of ground conditions for design of new structures (buildings, retaining wall), highway/pavement design, ground improvement or for slope stability assessments. Our services include site appraisal, build ability design, development of contract documentation, site investigation, data interpretation, remedial works design and supervision.

Geotechnical and Ground Engineering Services

A strong analytical background by our staff allows us to perform sophisticated modelling of soil/ structure interactions.

Typical geotechnical services we provide include;

  • Foundation Design
  • Dispute Resolution/Expert Witness
  • Working Platforms for Tracked Plant (BRE 470)
  • Engineering Geology Mapping
  • Landslide Assessment
  • Pipeline Route Assessment
  • Soil/Rock Slope Stability Assessments
  • Highway/Pavement Design
  • Earthworks design and construction supervision
  • Retaining Wall Design
  • Piling Design
  • Ground Improvement/Stabilisation Design
  • Soil Structure Interactions/Finite element Modelling
  • Excavation Support Design
  • Secant, kingpost, sheet pile & diaphragm wall design
Landfill Services
geotechnical assessment

Earth Environmental & Geotechnical provide a wide range of Geotechnical Assessment services, click here to contact us for further information.

Earth Environmental & Geotechnical provide a wide range of Landfill services, click here to contact us for further information.