A Phase 1 Desk Study is a risk assessment report for a development site. For planning applications to be approved, your council needs to know that your development carries no risk to human health or the wider environment. As part of the Phase 1 Desk Study information about the site is collected from a wide range of available documents

Earth Environmental New Project. Our North East Office has secured £100,000 plus a contract working with a global manufacturer of petrochemicals, speciality chemicals and oil products

Earth Environmental & Geotechnical are preparing a Material Management Plan (#MMP) for the importation of surplus soils, on a construction site, that are to be used on a new large residential development in Blackburn.

Earth Environmental & Geotechnical are involved in the detailed design of coal mine stabilisation measures for a large residential development

A Basement Impact Assessment, also known as a BIA, is a report that details the risks involved in excavating the basement of your property or development. Basement works are often complex undertakings and can involve the movement of large quantities of excavated earth.

An update from Earth Environmental & Geotechnical on the steps we are taking to continue to provide uninterrupted service to all of our clients and business partners.

One week to go until The North West Family Business Awards – Earth Environmental & Geotechnical are excited to be part of this event. We were delighted to be nominated and selected as Finalists in the Science and Technology Category and are looking forward to the opportunity to meet other family firms from the North West. The inaugural Awards are set to take off in first class style, underneath the wings of Concorde, will keep you posted on how we do!!

Exciting News – Earth Environmental and Geotechnical are expanding Again!

Earth Environmental are delighted to announce that they are soon to expand into the Midlands Area. Adam Czarnecki commented “We are excited about moving into our new location as it will allow the company to meet the needs and demands of our rapidly growing business. This expansion is part of our overall strategy to bring high quality, cost effective and pragmatic Geotechnical Engineering, Mining, Geotechnical and Geological Risk Assessment to our clients throughout the UK.”

It has just been announced that Stockport based Earth Environmental and Geotechnical Ltd. is a finalist for the Science and Technology category of the North West Family Business Awards 2020.

Hello, my name is Shauna from Earth Environmental and Geotechnical. Today I am here to talk about the Phase 1 desk study. Your council may have asked for one as part of your planning application.