What is a Site Investigation / What are Site Investigations?
A site investigation is used to assess the ground conditions and sub surface structure of a development site or property. The site investigation will collect geotechnical and environmental data and information to determine if the specific site is suitable for the planned development proposal.
The scope of the investigations and techniques used will depend on a range of factors including:

Earth Environmental & Geotechnical Regional Office South was commissioned to complete a  Site Investigation in Guildford which led to Rotary Sonic Drilling Borehole Investigations. Ground investigation works were undertaken to support the investigation, design and reconstruction of a roadway and bridge embankment which had suffered significant subsidence due to badger activity.

Earth Environmental & Geotechnical Reading office was commissioned to undertake a geo-environmental phase 1 desk-top study and subsequent ground investigation in an unoccupied residential property to examine ground conditions for foundation design and to assess the soil and ground gas contamination levels for the future development.