Flood Risk Assessment

A Basement Impact Assessment, also known as a BIA, is a report that details the risks involved in excavating the basement of your property or development. Basement works are often complex undertakings and can involve the movement of large quantities of excavated earth.

Hello, today I’m going to talk about Flood Risk Assessments, what they are and why they are needed.

If you’re planning a new development you may need to do a flood risk assessment as part of your planning application.

Do I Need A Flood Risk Assessment?

Planning a Development Within a Flood Risk Area? Then You’ll Need a Flood Risk Assessment.

A Flood Risk Assessment, also known as a FRA, is a report that details the main flood risks to a development site. It can also provide recommendations for mitigating measures to alleviate the impact of flooding to the site and surrounding area. The scope and details of the Flood Risk Assessments will vary depending on the size and topography of the site, and which Flood Zone the site lies within.