Angela joined Earth Environmental and Geotechnical as an Associate Director in April 2021 based in the Northeast Office. To date Angela has been providing geotechnical, mining, geological and environmental services to clients across the UK.

The development of Brownfield land will continue to be a focus for the next few years in the aim to provide much needed housing throughout the UK. The Government hopes to transform unused and derelict buildings, while making the most of brownfield land. Also to tackle the housing shortage in urban areas by enabling commercial premises to be converted into new homes through a fast-track planning permission process.

Do you need a flood risk assessment for planning permission? Unsure what a FRA (Flood Risk Assessment) is? If you are planning a new development you may have been told that you need a flood risk assessment as part of your planning application submission. But you may be unsure why you need a FRA as your development site is not near a river or at immediate risk to flooding.

Since joining Earth Environmental & Geotechnical’s Bath Office last month, it’s been a very busy time for George Foster. As a Geo-Environmental Consultant, in an expanding regional office, George’s skills have been fully utilised on a varied range of Geotechnical and Environmental services for new and existing clients