Welcome Christian & Cameron

Graduate GeoEnvironmental Consultants Bath, South West Regional Office

Welcome to our new graduates Cameron and Christian who have recently joined as Graduate GeoEnvironmental Consultants based in Bath, South West Regional Office.

Earth Environmental & Geotechnical Ltd. is very pleased to introduce Christian and Cameron who have recently joined the team at The Bath Regional Office. As Graduate GeoEnvironmental Consultants, they have had a very busy few weeks with induction training, first aid training, onsite field work and a range of risk assessments.

It’s never a dull day working as a graduate GeoEnvironmental Consultant!

“During my brief three weeks at Earth Environmental, I have been diligently engaged in a range of tasks. These include the completion of numerous Phase One Desk Study Reports, Radon Reports, and Coal Mining Risk Assessments. My responsibilities have also encompassed hands-on experience in soil and core logging through window sampling, coupled with active involvement in gas and groundwater monitoring. Furthermore, I have acquired certification in First Aid, to assist should it ever become necessary.” explained Cameron.

“My professional endeavours have led me to various sites across Bristol, where I have actively participated in diverse geotechnical investigations. Each day presents fresh challenges and opportunities for further professional development.”

Cameron joins the team with a First-Class Honors BSc in Environmental Geoscience from Cardiff University. Prior to joining Earth Environmental, Cameron had the privilege of leading a group, during his dissertation project mapping the geology and superficial deposits of the Cross Fell inlier, to produce detailed stratigraphic maps. Accompanied as part of his dissertation he produced a comprehensive report on the environmental impacts and degradation caused by acid mine drainage from abandoned lead mines in North Wales.

Earth Environmental & Geotechnical: Meet the Team

Christian has recently graduated with a 2:1 BSc in Environmental Earth Science from Aberystwyth University and a postgraduate degree in Environmental Change, Impact, and Adaption which he completed in September 2023.

“During the short time I have been working at Earth Environmental & Geotechnical Ltd. I have done phase one desk studies and have completed an emergency first aid course in case it should ever be necessary when out in the field.

While at University I had the opportunity to work with the National Trust for my undergraduate dissertation assessing the balance of biomass and biodiversity within two of the National Trust sites (Hatfield Forest and Wimpole Estate) using the Forestry Commissions Woodland Carbon Code: Carbon Assessment Protocol to create a sustainable woodland management plan for each site of interest. For my masters I worked with the Pwllpeiran Upland Research Centre assessing the rates of change of atmospheric metal deposition for the past 2500 years from an ombrotrophic peat bog in the uplands of mid Wales using the XRF Core Scanner to identify proximal and distil metal use. These projects allowed for me to develop my skills in report writing, analytical methods and mapping using ArcGIS as well as carrying out field work.”

Both graduates are excited to become part of the team at Earth Environmental and Geotechnical and it looks like it’s going to continue to be a busy month with more training planned including ground investigations, soil sampling and logging, plus monitoring of gases and groundwater!

Congratulations to Cameron & Christian who join the team at our South West Regional Office. A warm welcome from everyone at Earth Environmental & Geotechnical Ltd.

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