From Phase 1 Desk Studies to Telecom Mast Installation:
Meet the Team Alice Barrington

Telecom Norfolk Mast Project
Geotechnical investigations
Phase 1 Desk Study site walkover
site investigation
Cable Percussive Manchester

Earth Environmental & Geotechnical Head Office Office : Meet the Team Alice Barrington

From Phase 1 Desk Studies with site walkovers, Ground Investigations, Coal Mining Risk Assessments to a national programme of Telecom Mast Installations, it’s all in a days work for Alice Barrington – Senior Geo-Environmental Consultant for Earth Environmental & Geotechnical based at their Head Office in Stockport Greater Manchester.

Since joining Earth Environmental and Geotechnical Ltd in 2019 Alice has been involved in a whole range of projects and the fact that every day as Senior Geo-environmental Consultant is different, adds to the enjoyment of the role!

” Recently I have been in South Wales doing some window sampling around supermarkets in preparation for improved home shopping canopies, due to the increase in demand over the pandemic. Last week I was in West Manchester undertaking window sampling, concrete coring and cable percussive at a soon-to-be renovated commercial location. No two days are the same which makes the job so interesting”

Having graduated with a BSc in Geological Sciences from the University of Leeds and having a keen interest in Environmental Geology, Alice’s role at Earth Environmental and Geotechnical Ltd provides the opportunity to combine her Geotechnical skills and interests with a wide variety of projects and clients.

Phase 1 Desk Studies to Telecom Mast Installation

“In the past few months I have been managing and undertaking projects for the installation of masts across the country. I have been all the way down to Suffolk and I am in the process of organising one in Scotland. As you can imagine the sheer distance between them means I am coming across some very varied geology!

But it’s all going well and the national project of telecom mast installation is progressing successfully!

The ones I have done to date have been quite remote. We have to work around farmers schedules a lot of the time which can make it interesting.”

As a Senior Environmental Consultant based in Manchester, the role provides the opportunity to work in the field and in office settings. Alice works both independently, and as part of an interdisciplinary team, often involving multiple contactors. She has successfully planned and managed a wide range of projects, sometimes in challenging conditions involving multiple sub- contractors. Plus the demands of the project often means progress needs to happen within short time frames to produce the required results within a given budget.  So the role can be challenging and rewarding and Alice is always mindful of working to British Standards.

“I always ensure both I, and those on-site follow the safe systems of work whilst efficiently collecting the required field data.”

Whilst in the office Alice is involved in analysing and combining multiple data sources from historic records and field data to develop pragmatic solutions for a wide range of environmental and geotechnical issues. Also producing environmental reports using specific programming, and make technical recommendations relating to numerous types of environmental hazards, flood risk, and geo-technical engineering.

Since joining Earth Environmental and Geotechnical Ltd Head Office team Alice has been a great asset and was promoted to Senior Environmental Consultant earlier this year. Her role involves a whole range of services and she approaches every project with diligence and detail whether onsite undertaking site investigations for clients, including government bodies, using a range of sampling techniques, including Window Sampling, Cable Percussive and Rotary drilling. Or in the office designing chemical remediation strategies and foundations design.

So from Phase 1 Desk Studies to Telecom Mast Installation, Alice Barrington’s role as Senior Environmental Consultant is very varied indeed, demanding analytical thinking to develop pragmatic solutions for a wide range of environmental and geotechnical issues.


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