Radon Awareness Week Kicks Off with BBC Radio Interview

4th November 2019 – Radon Awareness Week. Kicks Off with BBC Radio Interview

This week is Radon Awareness Week 2019. Other than smoking, radon is the highest risk factor when it comes to #LungCancer with over 1100 deaths each year. UK Radon Association co ordinate an annual radon awareness week to highlight the issues of radon gas, http://www.radonassociation.co.uk/. 

This year UK radon are working with Martin Roberts as ambassador to raise awareness of radon and provide easy-to-understand information on the subject.

Earth Environmental will be following this weeks campaign and sharing news and information.

bbc radio cumbria

This years campaign kicks off with BBC radio interview.

Cumbria is a known radon affected area, with high levels being detected in many homes and workplaces across the region. We were interviewed by presenter Caroline Robertson about the risks from radon and what people should do to protect themselves. Our advice is to test your home and if high levels are found, contact a radon specialist to arrange for remedial works to be carried out.

We were joined on air by Claire Walters from Arnside, who tested her home shortly after moving in in 2016 and found she had levels of almost 1000 Bq/m3 – five times the UK action level of 200 Bq/m3. Claire has a young family and for peace of mind wanted to reduce the level, so contact a UK Radon Association member who installed a radon sump system, which reduced levels to a much more acceptable 50 Bq/m3.

Earth Environmental are members of UK Radon Association and provide a Comprehensive range of Radon Detection and Monitoring Services, including the new Ecotrak® detector. The Ecotrak can be used ahead of new builds and property modernisations and provides quick, reliable information on the amount of radon in the soil being tested. For more information https://www.earthenvironmental.co.uk/radon-monitoring-and-detection/