Today I am here to talk about the Phase 1 desk study. Your council may have asked for one as part of your planning application

Hello my name is Shauna from Earth Environmental and Geotechnical.

Today I am here to talk about Phase 1 desk study. Your council may have asked for one as part of your planning application.

What is a phase 1 Desk Study?

You may be wondering what a phase 1 desk study is and why you need one.

A Phase 1 Desk Study is an interpretive report and is a vital link that goes beyond the basic facts and data.

For planning applications to be approved, your council need to know that your development carries no risk to human health or the wider environment.

Our Phase 1 desk studies collect all the information you require to understand what are the risks and hazards for your development on your proposed site. We can also provide advice on remedial options.

Can’t I tell by looking at my site what the risks are?

It’s not always obvious that land may be contaminated, sometimes contaminants can be transported distances by ground water. Or the land may be contaminated from historical industrial waste. There may be geotechnical issues which are not visually evident, this is why a Phase 1 Desk Study is required.

What’s involved in a Phase 1 desk study?

So how do we complete a Phase 1 desk study?

A phase 1 desk study is split into 3 parts.

Firstly we review all the details of your development proposal.

We collate information from a wide variety of sources. Depending on the location and historical data of the site we may consult with the local authority’s Contaminated Land or Environmental Unit, Review flood Risk potential, water table, mining reports, radon gas potential. pollution incidents, to name a few.

Usually your Phase 1 Desk Study will be combined with a site walkover where we evaluate a whole range of factors. A specialist engineer will visit the site and undertake a thorough inspection to confirm, amplify and supplement the information within the Desk Study and to physically assess any potential zones of contamination or geotechnical issues.

Secondly – we appraise the risk and hazards posed by environmental and geotechnical conditions of the proposed development site.

Thirdly, and most importantly, we combine all the information to produce the interpretive report. Then work with you on next phase if required.

Earth Environmental has a team of consultants that can prepare a report quickly with the levels of detail and accuracy required by planning regulators.
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