Preliminary roost assessment Manchester

Dobb Hedge Close Case History

  • Client: Residential Developer
  • Location: Greater Manchester
  • Value: Confidential
  • Activities: Preliminary Roost Assessment

A residential developer requested a Preliminary Roost Assessment to be undertaken as part of a planning application submission to Trafford Council.   The site was a detached 2-storey house built in the 1980s.  The owner proposed to extend the property to provide additional living space.

We undertook a Preliminary Roost Assessment in September 2016.  This identified a very small number of bat droppings in the loft, although the house had very limited roost potential.

We liaised with Greater Manchester Ecology Unit (which provides ecology planning advice to Trafford Council) and obtained agreement that the proposed development carried a low risk of affecting bats.

Our report demonstrated that the evidence indicated the property had been used by an individual pipistrelle bat, and that the proposed works could be undertaken without the need for additional surveys or a licence.

A precautionary method of working was recommended, and an integral bat box was installed during the works to maintain roosting opportunities.

This approach saved the client from the additional expense, and potential delays, of undertaking further bat surveys and obtaining a licence.

Preliminary roost assessment Manchester