Thank you Jessicah

Earth Environmental & Geotechnical Supporting Local Artist.

Earth Environmental & Geotechnical Ltd. are delighted with their new artwork

Earth Environmental & Geotechnical Supporting Local Artist Jessicah.

Earth Environmental & Geotechnical is proud to support local artist Jessicah.

We really like supporting local businesses. Jessicah is a young aspiring artist who also works in Houldsworth Mill.
We commissioned her for a piece of art and today we put it in the Stockport office.
Very proud to own a Jessicah original.
Find out more about Jessicah’s artwork by emailing
Geotechnical Site Investigation

Earth Environmental & Geotechnical Ltd. Based in Houldsworth Mill, Stockport, Greater Manchester.

Houldsworth Mill today is a fine example of how our industrial heritage can be preserved promoting its character and unique space for businesses.

The needs of the 21st Century are very different from those of the 19th, but by adapting to the development of businesses and their technologies, beautiful buildings like Houldsworth Mill supported by Houldsworth Business & Arts Centre management can continue to provide a fresh and inviting space for local business and communities to grow.

Houldsworth Mill was built by Stott & Sons Architects for Sir William Houldsworth at the height of the cotton production in the north-west of England. In 1860, there were 2,650 cotton mills in the Lancashire region, employing a total of 440,000 people. At the time Houldsworth Mill opened in 1865, it was the largest cotton-spinning Mill in the World, covering 64 acres (260,000 m2) and employing 454 workers (more than 3 x avg).

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