Ground Investigations Carry on Whatever the Weather!

Three day trial pitting job
ground investigations for new residential development

It’s been a very busy few months for the team at Earth Environmental & Geotechnical’s North East (EEGNE) Office. They have been on site completing a wide range of Ground Investigations and involved in some exciting new projects for Yorkshire and the North East.

This has included a diverse range of new projects

  • 1000+ unit residential sites
  • New retail food stores
  • New petro-chemical plant
  • Ground Investigations and Earthworks project for new delivery hub for an international courier

EEGNE are also on a framework for delivering Desk Studies for Severn Trent Water they have literally produced dozens of reports for site from <1 Ha to >180 Ha in area.

On site the Earth Environmental team have battled through some tough conditions proving ground investigations carry on whatever the weather!

It was a particularly cold start to the three day trial pitting project for a national housing developer in North Yorkshire.  Although the ground was frozen solid the Ground Investigations just carried on. The team actually found that the solid ground assisted with tracking about the site.

Day Two brought new weather challenges, but it was “snow” problem for the team. The trial pitting for the new housing development continued and the preliminary ground investigations and trial pitting was all completed to the deadline.

The Yorkshire and the North East region has a rich heritage of coal mining and much of the northern half of the region, which has a high concentration of coal authority development high risk areas, have an extensive catalogue of abandoned mines and numerous mine entries. So coal mining risk assessments are frequently required involving desk studies and onsite ground investigations.

But this week the team have been working on a small Ground Investigation for a single residential property near Beamish, County Durham. What a perfect way to start the day with on site Rotary drilling as the sun rises!!

Ground Investigations North Yorkshire

The team at Earth Environmental & Geotechnical’s North East (EEGNE) Office provide a full range of services for all environmental, geological, and geotechnical assessments and investigations. We have a team of experienced Engineers, Geologists, Applied Environmental Engineers and Environmental Scientists on hand to work with clients throughout Yorkshire and the North East including  Tyne & Wear, Durham, Teesside, Northumberland and North Yorkshire.

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