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North East Geotechnical Services | Earth Environmental & Geotechnical: Meet the Team

Paul Finnimore Associate Director North East Regional Office.

Earth Environmental & Geotechnical Ltd. Paul Finnimore Associate Director North East Region.

Paul has recently joined Earth Environmental & Geotechnical Consultancy to support the growth in the North East Region.

Paul is a local lad, born and bred in Redcar, graduating from Teesside University with a Bachelor of Civil Engineering, and a Masters from Newcastle University in Geotechnical Engineering. He has extensive knowledge of the area and is proud to be part of the region’s growth.

“The North East continues to be a world-leading destination to invest in. Throughout the region there’s an incredible amount of construction both in residential developments and commercial property development. Plus, the North East’s emerging status as a hub for green energy industries such as carbon capture, offshore wind, and electric vehicles is something to be very proud of “

Having worked on the site investigations in the former British steel works including the South Bank Quay, the UK’s premier offshore wind hub, Paul said it’s great to see the project progress and the area regenerate. “The quay will allow companies such as GE Renewable Energy, to manufacture and ship their huge wind turbine blades to the world’s biggest wind farm, just miles out from our coast”

Earth Environmental & Geotechnical, who are based at The Wilton Centre in Redcar are also involved in site investigations for a major development by The Wilton Centre to build manufacturing space, laboratories and offices on land inside the nearby Teesside Freeport. The expansion would provide additional space for existing occupiers, whilst the substantial tax benefits of the Freeport would help attract businesses from across the UK.

“It’s great to be involved in the growth and development of the area, our Geotechnical services are one of the first steps in this regeneration process as we assess the geotechnical, environmental and ground conditions and what measures need to be taken to be able to build a successful and safe project. “

But as Paul explains the regions’ historic industrial past, and the coal and ironstone mining legacy which powered it, also provides geotechnical, mining, geological, and environmental challenges.

“From an environmental point of view, historical industrial growth was driven by the extraction of non-renewable resources, with little thought given to the safe disposal of waste: it was either dumped on land, poured into rivers, or vented into the atmosphere.

At Earth Environmental & Geotechnical we provide a full range of assessment services not only to evaluate the geological and hydrological structure of the development land but also the contamination and coal mining risks that may lie beneath.”

Whether it’s a multi-billion pound industrial investment or an extension to your own home, a detailed understanding of what you are building on is always required.

Construction projects are frequently delayed by adverse site conditions or unexpected ground conditions. So, conducting detailed site Investigations can save you time and money and form an essential step in the development process. For a development to be successful you need to know exactly what you are building on and have a strategy to reduce the risks. Particularly on large scale projects as delays or unexpected issues can cost millions.”

With over 13 years working in the North East region, Paul brings expert knowledge and a keen understanding of the area and its bespoke issues. The North East Regional team are looking forward to an exciting future working on key projects shaping the growth of the area.


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