Environmental & Geotechnical Site Investigation Bristol

Environmental & Geotechnical Site Investigation

Earth Environmental & Geotechnical (Southern) Ltd were commissioned to undertake a combined coal mining and geo-environmental site investigations in Bristol for a proposed new residential development.

The site was located in a development high risk area associated with mine entries and possible shallow depth unrecorded mine workings.

The site was further complicated by formerly being occupied by landfill site.

As part of the study, a ground investigation was undertaken comprising rotary boreholes, trial pitting/trenching, gas/groundwater monitoring, laboratory geotechnical and contamination testing.

The ground conditions encountered confirmed the presence of landfill, with the depth of Made Ground (Fill) varying significantly across the site (from 1.9m to 13.5m).

The comprehensive and well design ground investigations works enabled the confirmation of foundation options and risks from the coal mining legacy in the area.

Combined Coal Mining Assessment and Geo-Environmental Site Investigations: Bristol

Interpretative Reports were produced detailing:

  • Client: Confidential
  • Location: Bristol
  • Value: Confidential
  • Activities: Environmental & Geotechnical Site Investigation