Slope Stability Assessment & Remedial Design Wilmslow Golf Club

Slope Stability assessment of collapsed road
Slope Stability Asessment and remediation

Earth Environmental were requested complete a slope stability assessment and develop remedial designs at Wilmslow Golf Club. This was to assess the stability of a slope by the 18th green. For a number of years there was slippage of the footpath at the top of the slope. Following a heavy  period of rain in February 2019 the slope moved by approximately 500mm with a classical circular slip evident.

A site investigation was conducted and this quickly identified a water bearing sand horizon together with a ruptured drain along the failed section of the slope.

Inclinometers and slip indicators were emplaced and surveying monitoring points placed along the slope profile. These allowed for the slope profile to be established.

A number of remedial measures were discussed with the client including the installation of soil nails to anchor the slope.

In the end the client accepted a more cost effective option using counterfort drains and constructing a soil buttress along the lowermost half of the slope.

Modelling of the reprofiled slope suggested that the overall factor of safety of this new slope was greater than 1.5.

A further design feature was the installation of an interceptor drain at the top of the slope.

Several monitoring surveys have proved that the slope is stable and will continue to be a talking point for many generations of golfers.

  • Client: Wilmslow Golf Club
  • Location: Wilmslow, Cheshire
  • Value: Confidential
  • Activities: Environmental & Geotechnical Site Investigation